About Nikola

Nikola Engineering has been doing bespoke electronics designs for more then 20 years.  Started by Robert Zeff and Brent Waddell after leaving Zapco, Nikola has been a freelance design company, always open to new opportunities.

We have partnered exclusively with UBUY of Taiwan (http://www.ubuy.co.tw) to supply the 12Volt industry with award winning amplifiers and processors.  With hundreds of designs of amplifiers for cars, we have more recently branched into smaller footprint amplifiers for the motorcycle and atv markets, and water resistant amplifiers for the marine environment.

Beyond the mobile markets, Nikola also provides design engineering services for scientific and test instruments, SCADA Equipment and programming, evaluation platforms, or whatever our customers may bring to us.

With a proven track record of production both domestically and overseas we can help move your product idea into reality.